Cappadocia Mountain Biking Tours

Cappadocia Mountain Biking Tour

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Duraction : 8 Hours  View similar tours & things to do

Everybody with a good physical condition who knows how to cycle ,can participate in this activity (with no age limits). We follow the routes, chosen as the top routes for the international Cappadocia Mountainbiking Festival. During the tour we make various stops to enjoy nature, take pictures or enjoy a picnic. Most of the routes are loop ones. Mountain biking in Cappadocia is always an adventure! There is much to enjoy whether you want to pedal easy or accept all the challenges the trail has to offer. Cappadocia mountain biking trails offer many different types of terrain that require different skill levels. The trails range from a wide pathway to very narrow and rough tracks with lots of technical rock features. All the trails include some soft tufa rock, patches of earth & soil, gravel, and hard packed trail tread. Most of the trails in the Cappadocia area are short in distance. However, if you interlink them you can create loops that take an two hours to all day to ride! Although this feature allows for flexibility in creating routes it can also mean spending lots of trail time trying to figure out the map! This is why hiring a local guide is the best way to go. Our guides can show you the most suitable trails for your skills and challenge preferences. In addition, they will tell you about the history, ecology and the geological formations of Cappadocia. So please stay on the trail, be prepared for the weather conditions, keep control of your bike and take water. Cappadocia has also some extreme high temperatures especially in July and August that can suck all the moisture out of you. Cappadocia Mountain Biking Tours will take you to some of the finest and most spectacular unspoilt places you can imagine. From hidden trails and backcountry single tracks to the beautiful valleys and canyons of Cappadocia. Experience spectacular volcanic rock formations and landforms that are millions of years old, cave villages, primitive village life, Anatolian vegetation, awesome plants and tree species. Cappadocia area provide habitat for more than 100 rare or threatened species and you may see a number of animal species, such as tortoise, magpie, pigeon, rock lizards, fox and a diverse selection of many more animals of high conservation value.


  Depart from Urgup by mountain bike to Ortahisar (10km) through Pancarlik Valley.
  After coffee break in Ortahisar cycle to Cavusin (10km) through Rose Valley.
  After lunch in Cavusin start for Urgup (14km) through Pasabag Valley, Zelve and Devrent Valley. (Daily 34km)

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