Church with a Snake ( Y?lanl? Kilise )


One of the interesting churches in Göreme is the Church with a Snake. This church does not have pillars and domes. It has an arch shaped ceiling and the pictures are made on the sides of it. There is also a grave in the Church. You can see Constantine and Helen holding the Cross with their left hands on the left walls of the ent¬rance. The picture near this shows the fight of St. George and St. Theodore and there are pictures of St. Basil, St. Thomas and Onou-phrios on the right side.
According to the saying: Onouphrios was a very beautiful woman and was bored with men distracting her, so she prayed God for her salvation. God answered her praying and gave her a beard and she became ugly. You can notice that she appears as a man and half a woman.

Y?lanl? Kilise:

The Y?lanl? Kilise or Church of Snâkes is another found in the Göreme Valley. It is so named because of its fascinating painting of the damned represented by coiled serpents. The interior of the church is painted to give the effect of stone blocks. The walls were painted with red ochre, and frescoes added on_ top of this. Near the entrance, Christ is represented with the Holy Book in His hand. The domes are painted with two mounted men doing battle with a dragon; these are Prokopios and Theodorus. Helen and Constantine, naked Onophrios with a small plant in front of him, the disciple Thomas, and the Emperor giving benediction to the church are among the other paintings in the Church of Snakes. The church is comprised of two rooms stretching lengthwise; the front room is a barrel vault and the back one has a flat ceiling. These above mentioned rock-churches are the main sites of interest in the Göreme area. Also to be found there are the various service facilities such as a bakery, work and storage rooms and houses.


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