Churches On The Ground

Among the interesting sights of Derinkuyu its churches rank high. These date back to the XVI and XVII centuries; one of them was converted into a mosque in 1949 and still has painted on its dome remarkably well-preserved frescoes of Angels, the Virgin Mary, Christ and his Apostles.

The frescoes of the second church are par­tially damaged, but the carvings at the entrance and the revolving cylindrical columns (in order to check the stability of the building) are worth noting. Also the elegant belfry is interesting.

The mostly unexplored underground cities of Ayan, Goble, Su-vermez, Do?ala, Çak?ll?, Zelve, örentepe, Ka?kale, Tilköy (all in the Derinkuyu region) and the ruins of an early caravanserai are proof that this regions was for many centuries a centre of civilisation; examples of man's ingenuity and skill are still here for us to see.

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