Ephesus Skydive !

Tandem Sky Diving at Ephesus

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Duration :60 – 240 min. (appprox.) ||  7days- all year  View similar tours & things to do  
Are you up for it? Complete your visit to Ephesus with a tandem skydive! You'll experience the adrenaline rush of a 35 second free fall, followed by a peaceful parachute descent. There's nothing like it, and you have the option of capturing your skydive on DVD.


  Exhilarating tandem skydive from Ephesus
  No experience necessary!
  Training by an expert and qualified instructor
  All equipment provided
  Certificate of Completion
  DVD of your skydive experience
  Jump from  up to 3000 mts.
  Over a 35 seconds of pure free-fall adrenaline rush
  Exhilarating  5 minute ride under the parachute
  Licenced and expert Instractors

What is a tandem jump?
Making the leap of a lifetime has been made more available thanks to the tandem jump. You will be securely attached to your personal tandem-master who will guide you through the whole experience, enabling you to relax, knowing you are with a fully trained professional. This takes away the anxiety of jumping alone, and helps make your day truly unforgettable.

  • Your free-fall at speeds of up to 120 mph and enjoy breathtaking views Ancient Ephesus City ,Aegean Sea,Greek Islands  during your canopy ride.
  • Feel a total sense of freedom while securely harnessed to yourl sky diving instructor. The exhilarating free-fall combined with the peace and tranquility of the parachute ride makes your tandem skydive a unique experience you will never forget.
  • Allow 2-3 hours of your day in Ephesus and enjoy  the experience of a life time. Tandem skydiving is available 7 days per week, all year.

Additional Information

   You will receive a briefing lasting about 15 minutes  
   You are securely attached to a Tandem Instructor using a parachute designed for  two pax
   The jump is from up to 15,000 feet
   You can get over a minute of freefall time, with a canopy ride of about 5 minutes
   There is a weight limit of 15 stones please call the centre and ask for some advice if you have any questions about weight
   People of varying levels of disability can participate in a Tandem skydive. Please contact the centre for more information.
   Do not forget to bring comfortable clothing and sneakers with you. Sandals, bootsor high heeled shoes are not suitable for diving.
   Prior to the tandem jump, the participants are to assure that they do not have anyphysical and mental problems by signing an “UNDERTAKING”.
   Although there is no age limit for Tandem jump, the participants under 18 years old canjump only after the permission of one of his/her parents (by showingidentification card).
   Eventhough, it is an activity that can be completed in one hour under normalcircumstances, please keep in mind that you may wait for 1 to 3 hours dependingon the meteorological conditions and other reservations.
   Minimum Weight Limit: 35 kg.
   Maximum Weight Limit: 95 kg.
   Maximum Height Limit: 1,95 cm.

Tandem Skydiving in Ephesus !

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