Finding Unique Private Tours of Oahu

No one can debate the beauty of Oahu, Hawaii. It is the third largest island in Hawaii and that means it has plenty for tourists to do. If you are visiting, here are some unique private tours of Oahu that may provide the perfect vacation activity;

Finding unique private tours of Oahu is not difficult but the above are some of the best!

Tours of Oahu

1) Hawaii Jeep Tour.

What better way to see the island than in a jeep? The tour is designed to give tourists a complete experience of what life on Oahu is like. Your guide will show you route that capture the breathtaking landscapes and topography of the land. You’ll visit places like Diamond Head, Chainaman’s Hat and the Pali Lookout. Your tour guide will be able to speak to each location and educate you on the history of each one too. This is a great tour for anyone looking to make the most of the outdoor-time in Oahu. You can also rent your own jeep for a solo tour for a reasonable cost.

2) Donna’s Detours.

This is one of the most unique private tours of Oahu and definitely worth mentioning. If you like seeing the hidden secretes of destinations and truly feeling the culture, then this could be perfect for you. You’ll be guided through lush rain forests, get to experience the locals and dine on amazing foods. This tour includes transportation, snacks, water, and juices so it has a lot to offer. Plus it stops at many dining places so you can pick exactly what meals you have.

3) The Oahu Experience.

If you want to see the island on foot, then this will give you the outdoor-time you want. This tour can accommodate up to six travelers and it lets you hike around beautiful waterfalls, rain forests and trails that will thrill you. You can customize your tour to include snorkeling and diving, visiting national memorials and ancient ruins. If hiking and getting active is your goal, then this may be perfect out of all the unique private tours of Oahu.

4) Tom’s Barefoot Tours.

This is another unique tour of Oahu. If you truly want to focus on the locals and the culture, then this is perfect. Here, you get experience a luau. You can see the kiawe logs thrown to build the fire, the rocks and banana stalks used to create the imu pit and the final result: succulent pig roast. In addition, you’ll have fireside entertainment with Hawaiian dancing, changing and storytelling. This is a perfect relaxing way to truly experience the culture.

Private Tour

Finding unique private tours of Oahu is not difficult but the above are some of the best. Decide what you as a tourist want and then choose. Regardless of which ones you go with, you are going to have an exciting and fun experience in Oahu!

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