Floating Isles in Turkey

Floating isles discovered recently in Turkey are real wonders of nature. One of them is BingoTs Floating Isles. This isle at Aksakal Gol Region of Hanzar^ah Village in Solhan town has been discovered by local people.

The floating isles are totally natural. The depth of the Crater Lake surrounded with mountains and hills is over 50 meters. There is a continuous current in the lake. Water entering the lake underneath and through its arches feeds the river running below the lake level. The water level remains the same in summer and in winter. There are three isles floating on the lake.

They can change positions within the lake. When someone steps on any of them it floats slowly towards a direction like raft. On the isles there grows wild grass, and water plantions.

Floating Isles in Bingol Turkey

Floating Isles Bingol Turkey

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