Fountain of Trajan

The partially repaired fountain on the right side of the Curetes Street was dedicated to the Emperor Trajan at the beginning of the 2nd century AD. The dedicatory inscription is today on the cornice near the structure.

The fountain had two ornamental pools, in the front and rear,and two tiers of columns. The water flew from the big channel in the middle into the first pool. And on top of the channel there was a man-size statue of the emperor. The base and a part of a foot of the statue are in their original places. When the first pool was filled the water filled the pool in front. Those who needed would use it.

The Fountain of Trajan, reconstruction (2nd century AD)

During the excavation of the building two statues of Dionysus, one in the nude and one clothed, and one statue of a Satyr in a lying position were found beside the statues belonging to the Trajan family. These statues are on display in the Museum of Ephesus.

The Fountain of Trajan (97-117 AD)

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