From The Piedmont Of Erciyes…

Every corner of Kayseri is a different beauty; Its every part is another value. When it is Anatolia in question, every city is a separate value with what the nature grants to it, its history, and its particular culture. However there are some regions that draw attention to itself in the whole and demonstrate a complete "uniqueness".

Kayseri is one of such special places… It is a city right in the center of Anatolia, established on the piedmont of Mount Erciyes that rises as if it would pierce the sky with its four thousand meters of height, thanks to its geographical position, the city preserved its importance in all stages of history and still continues to occupy a very significant place in the map of Turkey with its cultural heritage, beauty and attraction it benefited from the nature.


Kayseri comes forward not only with its historic legacy but also with its natural landscape. The Hacer Forests that cover eighteen thousand hectares of land, Yedigoller (the Seven Lakes), Kapuzbasi Falls, Kiranardi Forest, Sultan Reeds, and last but not the least the mighty Mount Erciyes.

Sultan Reeds: Sultan Reeds is one of the most important wetlands of Europe and the Middle East. This area that is home to more than 250 types of birds including flamingos and pelicans is declared "Site for the Preservation and Reproduction of the Waterfowl" and taken under protection by the Ministry of Forestry. It is a center of attention especially for the nature scientists…

Erciyes: Mount Erciyes gathers attention with its world famous powder snow and hosts one of the most beautiful ski tracks in the country. 

Mount Erciyes Turkey

Erciyes is a very attractive venue for winter sports and makes a significant contribution to health tourism with its rich mineral waters and clean air. Its tablelands that promise cool air all summer long are indispensable places for the locals.

Kapuzbasi Falls: Feeding with snow and ice at the peak of Aladag and flowing in a narrow valley covered with


The name Kayseri comes from the Latin term Caesarea that is pronounced as "Kayzeria". This name that means "City of the Emperor" is a trace of Rome, the major empire of ancient ages that dominated Anatolia for centuries. However the city's historic roots go deeper, to thousands of years before that.


Life in Kayseri starts in the Paleolithic (Old Stone) Age. The region where Kültepe or Kani? as it was known in the ancient ages is situated carries traces of the Bronze Age, Hittite and Phrygia civilizations. Archaeological findings demonstrate that Kayseri was an important settlement and trade center of the ancient Anatolia and Kayseri preserved its strategic importance it owes to its geographical position in the Hellenic world of Alexander the Great, and during Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman ages that followed. Kayseri carries a separate page from all periods of history with its cuneiforms, rock tombs, mausoleums, Soganh Remains, inns and caravanserais, theological schools and domes, mosques and baths, castles, fountains and marketplaces.

Among forests, Kapuzba?? Falls has one of the most stunning landscapes of Kayseri. A group of three falls that never cease to run all year round are known with their height. The milk-white color of fall waters and their roaring sound present the most glorious view of the wild life. This special place is visited by scientists as well as tourists and makes Kayseri even more significant.


Upon mention of Kayseri there are its pastrami, Turkish ravioli… And Bunyan Carpet!

Kayseri many things come to mind for sure… Turkish ravioli, bunyan carpets, and pastrami occupy particular places among such things. Turkish style ravioli has a particular place in the rich cuisine culture and it is known to be cooked in 36 different kinds in Kayseri region. The most popular kind being meat ravioli…

Traditional taste of dried meat that was inherited from the Turkish Hun culture penetrated the West from the Central Asia. This taste is preserved in our day with Kayseri pastirmasi. Kayseri style pastrami is a significant representative of Turkish cuisine and it is exported to the global markets in addition to being consumed at home. And another product that is well known worldwide is the Bunyan Carpet of Kayseri… It is a source of pride for residents of Kayseri. Locals of Bunyan make their living by creating wonders at their carpet looms in their houses and make their names known using high quality yarns to weave fine carpets with elegant designs.


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