Gate of Hadrian’s

One other building dedicated to the Emperor Hadrian in Ephesus is the gate standing at the beginning of the road leading to Ortygia at the end of the Curetés Street. In the Roman period when an emperor visited a city it was a tradition to construct a monumental building in his honour. The Qate of Hadrian must have been dedicated to the Emperor upon his coming to Ephesus.

The gate faced the Marble Street more than the Curetes Street and provided a passage, besides the Ortygia road, also to another road climbing up towards the Terrace Houses. It had three gateways and three storeys. And it is one of the finest examples of the rich marble carving of the period of Hadrian. Its restoration was begun in 1988 by the Austrian Institute of Archaeology and is not yet completed.

The Gate of Hadrian

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