Gollu Mountain (Göllü Da??)

Gollü Da?? is on Mount Melendiz, which is 70 km. from Ni?de and 20 km. to the south-west of Derinkuyu. This site, which lies near the village of Kömürcü of Gölcük, contains the ruins of a late Hittite city of the 8th century B.C. It was discovered by accident when the rains exposed the statue of two lions.

Excavations were first started in 1934 by professor Remzi O?uz Ar?k, but were interrupted for various reasons until 1968, at which date work at the site was resumed under the direction of Mr. Burhan Tezcan, Assistant Director General of Museums and Antiquities.

The foundations of the building were reached after long excavations and also some gates have been par­tially unearthed. Various ceramic objets decorated with animal figu­res were discovered in the recent excavations. The statue of the lions and some of the ceramic objects are now in the museums of Kayseri and Ni?de.

Like the ruins at Alacahöyük, Bo?azköy, Karao?lan, Dündartepe and Karahöyük (at Konya), also the Gollü da?? ruins show signs of afire.

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