Guzelyurt Cappadocia

This town, situated in a valley in the Northern skirts of Hasan mountain at the south western part of Cappadocia, is 15 kms away from Ihlara valley and 40 kms. away from Derinkuyu.

It appears from the ceramics found at the High Church and at the valley in the western part of the town, that the history of this town date back to old times and that it was one of the most important market centres during 2500 B.C.

The settling of the Prehistoric Age, remains today without changes and people continue a life intermingled with past history.

Some sources state that THEOLOGOS, who made the calendar which replaces the Persian calendar used in Anatolia before Christ, was born in Nazianzli (today called Nenezi) and that theologian GREGOROS was born in Kalveri (today called Güzelyurt) and that Kalveri became a religious centre after GREGOROS was declared a Saint.

Prehistoric settlings before Christ, rock churches and chapels, Rock Mosque, Great Church, High Church belonging to the period of after Christ are very interesting.

Ceramic art in Guzelyurt was so developed that it still continues nowaday and the pots and other earthenware from Gelveri are very famous in the region of Cappadocia.

The earthenware made here is different in form and structure from the ones made in Avanos, and are made from fire resistant soil.

At the location of fox path and Pmarca two underground tunnels were found, but they are still blocked. Although village people say that one of the tunnels goes towards Ihlara stream and the other towards Hasan mountain, this remains uncertain.

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