Harbour Bath

A considerable part of the north side of the Harbour Street was allocated to sports grounds. In about the middle of this area was the Verulanus sports ground of which the excavation has not yet been undertaken. It was constructed together with the buildings around it during the reconstruction of that part of the city under the reign of the Emperor Hadrian (117-138). Next to the Verulanus sports ground was the Harbour Gymnasium.

The Gymnasium was constructed together with the building called the Harbour Baths. The entrance to it was through an elliptical courtyard in the lower parts of the Harbour Street. The courtyard was paved with coloured mosaics and had porticoes with columns on its sides. Facing the entrance, on either side of the door of the baths were two long and narrow pools of which the facades were decorated with bulls heads wearing wreaths. The Gymnasium was entered from the right, and the baths from the middle. Neither of these buildings have been restored.

Two life size statues found in the excavations of the Gymnasium, one a bronze statue of an athlete and the other a marble statue of a child playing with a duck, are on display in the Museum of Vienna. A considerable part of the materials of the baths were used in buildings constructed later. As the baths were repaired during the reign of Constantine II (337-361) they were also called the Constantine Baths. The excavation is not completed.

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