Istanbul Shopping Tours

A day of Guided Experiences may include one of the following:

  • A highly organized, time efficient and goal oriented agenda (no time for tea)
  • A resolution-focused yet relaxed completion of your buying desires – possibly interspersed by lunch (served in a tiny room at the top of even smaller stairs) in a Turkish “hole in the wall cafe” OR….ending with a colorful ride up the Bosphorus in a fishing boat….
  • Or maybe an orchestrated day of “the back streets of Istanbul” memories….your Private Shopper experience can be designed according to your individual needs.


Merchant Contacts

  • The Private Shopper takes you to trustworthy merchants who are offering prices that normally only the “locals” get…bottom line, your day’s fee can be readily recouped from the savings you get on your purchases…trust the Shopper on that one!

Bottom Line, What You Are Getting

  • You are buying the experience and knowledge of a local resident, without having to be on a big tour bus with 40 close-knit strangers….as well as getting streamlined assistance without giving up your status as an “independent traveler” – how the Shopper prefers to travel!

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