Kaymakl? Underground City

This town is established on the asphalt road of Ni?de and Nev?ehir and it is 20 kms away from Nev?ehir and 9 kms from Derinkuyu. The foundation date of this town is not known. Its old name was Enegüp but it was changed as Enegobi by the Greeks that lived there before and as Kaymakl? by the Turks. Enegüp (Kaymakl?), Melegüp (Derin­kuyu) and Güple are old neighbour settlement centres established on the same road.

The underground city dug under a hill at the middle of the town called Kaymakl? today was found in the year 1964 and opened to tourism. This city has four layers that can be visited. The number of layers it has altogether and the places that are not lighted have not been determined so far. This city can be visited during approximately 15-20 metres.

This city as the other cities also accepted Christianity it was dug by tribes escaping from oppression and the fear of disappearing, it was used both as shelter against enemies and as a secure place for worship. Although the city looks as if it is made on a complicated plan, it is obvious that great attention and skill was used in the exca­vation of this city. Although the tunnels and rooms are very complica­ted, an excavated room did not join another excavated room.

Places visited are bedrooms, food warehouses, wine cellars, ven-tillation chimneys, water depots, the church with double, apsides to worship and stone doors to get protected from all kinds of danger that can come from outside. These stone doors were placed to the tunnels just as the other underground cities and they can only be opened and closed from inner parts.

There are graves having a simple structure on the rocks just on top of the"underground city and all of these are in a clean position.


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