Kirazli Village, Kusadasi

Kirazli is located;   10 km outside of the holiday resort town of Kusadasi. Kirazli itself is a small, traditional village with some excellent local restaurants serving organic local produce, including organic wine, and the valley and the mountains that surround the village offer some lovely walks with amazing views. Kiraz, lying in a fertile bowl valley beneath the protected pine forests of Gul Dar (Rose Mountain) is Kirazli Koyu (Cherry Village).

What Kirazli has is shares with everyone. The natural beauty, the friendship of its inhabitants and the slow, steady pace of it’s lifestyle. The good produce of sour cherry and cherry and giving the importance to these fruits, caused the name of the village.renamed as Kirazli. Parallel to agriculture, stockbreeding was developed; animals increased such as cow, sheep, goat. Cherry Festivals began to be held from 1975; during these festivals beauty contests were organized, and cherry production was inspired. Recently Cherry Festivals are delayed because of economical problems for now. Kirazli is a a world away from the hot and bustling tourist centers of the coastal strip.

Kirazli has a great location for exploring the region. Only a 10 kilometers from Kusadasi,  and 15 km from Ephesus the village of Kirazli provides a complete countryside experience. You will virtually be the only tourists there..Stunning traditional stone-built house is a superb place from where to explore the incredible surroundings of ancient Ionia.




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