Mazi ( Mataza ) Village

One of the places that was not opened to tourism and that was not lighted in the Cappadocia region is the Maz? Village. If you go 7-8 kms east from Kaymakl?, you will come to a village established within a stream.

The interesting places of this village are old graves carved into high rocks, chapels and churches of different structure and the under­ground city. These graves were made in three different forms. Four of these have columns and are very interesting. Some have no columns and the inner parts in which the deceased is put are the same. There are about thirty graves altogether with and without pillars. The other graves on the plain over the rocks reach thousands in number.

Although there were many churches and chapels at the rocks over the village and at the region of Ba??rsak Stream, some of these were demolished and filled with earth. But a church carved in the rocks at the south of the village still remains clean and solid. This church has a pillar in the centre, a big apsis on the left part at the entrance and two ceilings in the shape of an arch. A big cross can be seen on each sid of the apsis. There is a similar cross on the front side of the pillar i the centre. In the wide part looking North there is a design of smal crosses attached to each other.

The underground city in the village can be entered from a hollo of a rock going from east to west. The real entrance door has not been found, because high rocks fell from their place and the real entrance door disappeared. Although the fallen rocks opened new entrances these entrances are very high.

It is very difficult to determine the layers of the underground city which is still very difficult to visit because some of its parts were demolished and some were filled with earth.

Mazi Koyu is one of our historical places that should be opened to tourism and lighted. Unfortunately in its present state, it is just like a ruin.

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