Microflight Tour Over Ephesus!

Microflight Tour Over Ephesus!

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Duration :Daily 08:00-12:00 AM. || 15:00-20:00 PM.  ( 20-30-60 min.)  View similar tours & things to do  

Get ready to soar; you’ll take the controls in this great microlight experience. Become a pilot for a day and absorb the feeling of flying above the Ephesus skyline. Start your experience by familiarising yourself with the facilities and chatting to your flight instructor who can answer any questions you may have. You’ll complete a hands on pre-flight inspection before going through the basic instruments and controls and the safety requirements. Once you have covered the basics, you’ll be strapped into your seat and the pilot will take to the air. Once you are airborne you’ll be given the chance to take the controls and get a feel for flying the aircraft. If your not to keen to take the controls, sit back and enjoy the experience, taking in the beautiful views of Ephesus, Selcuk, Pamucak beach, Kusadasi Cruise ship port, Temple of Artemis, House of Virgin Mary and Basilica of St.John.

You’ll get great views over the Ephesus, the coastline and the bay! After you’ve landed you’ll conclude with a debrief of your flight and have a great opportunity to ask any other questions that you may have about flying.

What is a Microlight?
A microlight is a 2 seater light aircraft with a hangglider wing. It is rated as the safest way to fly as even in a motor outsituation, the aircraft will remain airborne and glide gently down to land.

Where does it fly?
We will fly you from Ephesus Airport towards
Ephesus, Selcuk, Pamucak beach, Kusadasi Cruise ship port, Temple of Artemis, House of Virgin Mary and Basilica of St.John.

About Microlights
Microlight, a  two seater light aircraft with a hangglider wing rated as the safest way to fly.  From simple beginnings, the microlight has developed into a state of the art flying machine, capable of flying long distances at 100mph or more! In 2001 Britain’s Brian Milton successfully completed the first round the world expedition, showing just how reliable and airworthy these machines have become. They are also capable of reaching dizzying heights. In 2005 a microlight flew over the top of Everest, which demonstrates just how far things have developed.

Despite their light appearance, modern microlight aircraft are incredibly strong and have one of the best safety records in leisure aviation. With their large, high-lift wings, microlights simply glide safely to earth in the event of engine malfunction – these days, with high performance aircraft engines, a very rare occurence!

Who can Fly?
There are No age restrictions for our flights and we’re happy to take youngsters from about 7 years of age. There is no upper age limit. People with physical disabilities can also fly, depending on the nature of the disability and providing they are able – with the help of a relative or carer where necessary- to be seated comfortably and securely in the aircraft. Check with us if you are not sure.

Ephesus  Airport
We operate from airport owned by Turkish Aeronautical Association. The runway used by Turkish National skydiving team and dedicated to air sport acitivities.

Microlight Pilots
Sky & Sea has a cooperation agreement with THK/ GÖKÇEN to operate air sports equipment for the tourism sector. All pilots are certified instructors holding Turkish Microlight licanse which meets the FAI (Federation Aviation International) standarts for microlight operations.

We hold full third party insurance, which complies with aivation requirements that are mandated within the FAI. All aircraft and passangers are insured by a prime Turkish insurance company.
All pilots are trained to highest interantional standarts and carry valid microlight license and insured by prime Turkish insurance company.

Microflight Tour Over Ephesus!

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