Miniaturk, Istanbul

This new museum has been such a hit with locals. Marketed as a miniature park that showcases ‘all times and locations of Anatolia at the same place at the same time’, it’s a bizarre tiny town stocked with models of Turkey’s great buildings everything from the Celsus Library at Ephesus to Atatürk International Airport set in manicured lawns dotted with fake rocks blasting a distorted recording of the national anthem. Children aren’t interested in the models but love the miniature train that traverses the paths and the playground equipment. It’s tacky and only really interesting as a demonstration of how greatly Turks revere their heritage, even when it’s kitsch-coated. The museum is a five-minute bus ride further on from the Rahmi M Koç Industrial Museum. It’s easily accessed via the Haliç ferry from Eminönü.

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