Ortahisar is a pretty township of Ürgüp, situated one km. to the south of the Nev?ehir-Kayseri highway. Its main attraction is a mar¬vellous fort, similar to the one in Uçhisar. From this fort, both foreign and local tourist have a magnificent view of the Göreme valley.
Such fortresses were used in Christian times as centres pf com¬munication as well as places of refuge.

The village also possesses hundreds of storage places for lemons; some of them are still in use after being restored. So efficient is their ventilation system that lemons may be kept in them for a whole year. Carpet-Weaving, vine-pressing are the other major occupation of na-. tives. The frescoes of "Üzümlü Kilise" (Church with Grapes) indicate that this was a vine-growing district also in ancient times.

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