Private Half Day Topkapi Palace Tour

Private Half Day Topkapi Palace Tour

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Places to see:
  Topkapi Palace
  Underground Cistern
  Grand Bazaar

Duration : 4 hours (approx.)  View similar tours & things to do


Half-day four-hour tour of Istanbul and its three main attractions
Visit the largest and oldest palace in the world Topkapi Palace
Visit the magnificent Underground Cistern
Shop in the the the largest covered markets in the world Grand Bazaar (Kapali Çar??)
Entrance fees included

Half day tour at the oldest crossroads of the World !

   Visit the largest and oldest palace in the world, Topkapi is the crown jewel of the Ottoman Empire. With its treasury and exotic buildings overlooking the Golden Horn, your visit to Topkapi promises to be a truly fascinating experience.

   Visit the magnificent Underground Cistern. Underground waterway was used as a reservoir for water storage for the Great Palace and other buildings. It is 132 m length, by 65m wide. There are 336 columns in the cistern. Most of the column capitals are either in Corinthian or Doric Style. It's impressive.

   After leaving the Underground Cistern you will finally have the opportunity to do some haggling at the Grand Bazaar, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is like any bazaar except that, as its explains, it is all within one huge building. Depending on how you measure it, the covered market here could be the largest shopping center in the world, numbering over 4,000 individual shops, you will find among masses of modern trash an approximation of youthful dreams of the glamorous oriental market.

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