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Czech is the fifth most visited country after London, Rome, Istanbul, and Paris and it has several centers for tourist activities such as the spa towns and the architectural heritage sites. The cathedrals, beer festivals, and museums are also great tourist attractions to see in private tours of Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is a nation steeped in history, it has been occupied for thousands of years now and is a land rich in medieval towns, castles, ancient ruins, beautiful mountains, and world-class wineries.

This country has more tourists every year, but they mainly visit only Prague. Once you leave that beautiful and yet crowded town, you will find an inexpensive state with a few of the most rugged and beautiful landscape in Europe. I love taking a train from place to place so I can stare out the window. When you visit, you will probably be coming to Prague but ensure to leave the city so you can see what the rest of the country has for you.

Top Things to See and Do in the Czech Republic

  1. Czech out Prague
    Czech Out Prague Tours Of Czech Republic

    • Prague, being the capital city, as well as a famous city, has become one of the busiest tourist destinations in Europe. Go here and stroll through the medieval streets, ensure you look out for the original structures that survived WWII. Climb the hill and visit Prague Castle, look at the Astronomical Clock and be ready for an exciting nightlife that is beyond compare. Local food and beer as well are a highlight here.
  2. See Ceský Krumlov
    See Cesky Krumlov Tours Of Czech Republic

    • Sited on the Vltava River, the town is a much smaller, more attractive version of Prague. The red-roofed buildings and medieval architecture make for beautiful pictures. It can be therapeutic to stroll through these ancient buildings. Many beautiful resorts are sited here, as well as cosy lodges for snowy winters to ensure guests are warm and comfortable.
  3. Visit Kutná Hora
    Visit Kutna Hora Private Tours Of Czech Republic

    • The historical town houses the well-known St. Barbara Cathedral that’s decorated with thousands of human bones. Something that must be experienced by tourists. Both Kutna Hora and her neighboring town of Sedlec are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Aside from the St. Barbara cathedral, tourists can visit the Italian court, the Gothic Stone Haus, which is presently a museum, the St. James church and the famous ossuary.
  4. Try Some Pilsner in Pilsen
    Try Some Pilsner In Pilsen Tours Of Czech Republic

    • The place of birth of the Pilsner and home of the unique Pilsner Urquell Czech beer. During your visit, ensure to not only visit the Pilsner factory but see the beer spas where you can soak in a tub of beer. Amazing!! You can also use the historic underground tunnel which is 20km. other sights include the Dohany Street Synagogue, St. Barthalomew’s cathedral, the Reniassance town hall and the Plzensky Prazdroj brewery.
  5. Enjoy the Moravian Wine Region
    Enjoy The Moravian Wine Region Tours Of Czech Republic

    • Even though you may only think of beer as you head to the Czech Republic, this Moravian Region is very famous for their fine wine. They are also associated with music, folklore, traditions and costumes. Many tours provide options for tastings during visits to the area. It’s a perfect experience to wander, drive, or bike through the beautiful vineyards here.
  6. Tour Karlstein Castle
    Tour Karlstein Castle Tours Of Czech Republic

    • We all want to have our own fairytale, and this Karlstein castle is a great place to visit during your tour, just a train ride from Prague. Visit this ancient castle and learn of its history.
  7. Take a Hike on the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks
    Take A Hike On The Adrspach Teplice Rocks Tours Of Czech Republic

    • Go for a hike around these natural sandstone cloisters. Seeing names like ‘Sugar Cone’ and ‘Giant’s Armchair,’ you can’t go wrong. Currently, there are two groups of formations: the Adršpach Rock Town and Teplice Rock Town.
  8. Adventure Outdoors in Krkonoše
    Adventure Outdoors In Krkonose Tours Of Czech Republic

    • A trip to Krkonoše is compulsory. In English, it means Giant Mountain. This beautiful mountain range runs along the Czech/Polish border and is the highest peak located in the country. A large part of this mountain is a national park and a biosphere reserve as well under the UNESCO program. You can also try skiing in the ski resorts on the mountain and join in other activities such as cycling and hiking.
  9. Visit the Renaissance Town of Telc
    Visit The Renaissance Town Of Telc Tours Of Czech Republic

    • The town has winding cobblestone streets, and is a perfect example of a Renaissance town. After a fire in late 1530, the town was reconstructed, so the medieval arcades and their gabled houses border the picturesque town square. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. The town has also been a film location in the past. The sights in this ancient city include the Telc castle, the square, and the baroque church among others.
  10.  Visit Quaint Olomouc
    Visit Quaint Olomouc Tours Of Czech Republic

    • The small university town is known for its churches, parks, fountains and sculptures. The grand astronomical clock and Holy Trinity Column are also UNESCO sites.
  11. Rest at the Karlovy Vary SPA
    Rest At The Karlovy Vary Spa Tours Of Czech Republic

    • this town offers fine baroque, hot mineral springs and Gothic architecture. It’s known as a spa town and it has a lot of visitors annually. The town may be reached either by trains or buses. It has over seven ancient cathedrals with a very rich culture to go with it. It’s also been a film location for some box office movies such as Casino Royale and Last Holiday.
  12.  Visit the Šumava National Park
    Visit The Sumava National Park Tours Of Czech Republic

    • Feast your eyes on its scenic lakes, and trout streams, as well as areas of virgin forest and significant historical monuments. The range is covered by thick forest and plantations. For lovers of nature, this is a must! It is also a biosphere reserve of UNESCO.

The Czech Republic Travel Guide

  • Typical Costs

Accommodation; The prices for hostel dorm beds vary depending on where you stay in the country, beginning at 300 CZK in the small towns, and averaging nearly 350 CZK in Prague. You may find similar deals in the city centre at off seasons, but prices increase a bit in the summer and spring. Budget hotels in the outskirts of Prague charge between 1,200-2,500 CZK, and in the city, 1,200-4,800 CZK

Food; The Czech cuisine is not fancy – just give me a small plate of gravy, and goulash bread dumplings, and I’m content for a week. Luckily, a plate of the local food is affordable and costs less than 245 CZK for a restaurant food with a pint of beer. The grocery shopping for one week will be roughly 1,200 CZK if you are willing to ignore the language barrier and play the guessing game of translation of Czech in the store. Cheese and sausages are easy to get and make a quick meal. If you are searching for a swift bite, there are a lot of kebab shops for under 120 CZK a pita.

Transportation; The local transport in most towns in the Czech Republic is quite reliable – a lot have a tram system which dates back to the communist era. Prague also has a simple underground train and only three lines go into major points across the town. A one-way ticket costs less than 25 CZK for a short 30-minute ride, while it costs 37 CZK for a 90-minute ride. Prague is infamous for crooked cabbies. The AAA cabs are the only service generally acknowledged as safe, honest, and fair. If you feel like you’re being ripped off, simply pay a maximum of 370 CZK, and leave the cab. Transportation via trains within towns is very easy, don’t expect modern train cars. Purchase the train tickets at the station in advance to get the cheapest fare. Overnight bus rides to other Central European countries like Hungary and Poland are popular. See Orange Ways for their online deals before making your plans.

Activities; Visiting most Czech towns is less about the sights but more about experiencing the local culture. Grabbing a bottle of beer at the local pub, watching the gothic, communist architecture and art nouveau, and walking the cobblestone streets. Most activities may cost under 1,230 CZK.

  • Money Saving Tips

Eat local; Kep your meal under 245 CZK by eating a plate of goulash with a pint of beer.

Buy in advance; When traveling through the continent or country by train or bus, first check online or go to the train station well in advance to use student or discount prices. Trains and buses are famous so that they may sell out early.

Bring your student id; A lot of Czech cities are student cities, especially Prague, overrun by young people with tons of deals for people studying at the university. Show yours at shops and museums, and you’ll save some cash.

Walking tours; The country is quickly becoming a hot spot for tourists. Free walking tour companies offer tours all over the country. Ensure to gift your guide a small tip after the tour.

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