Private Tours Of Athens

Athens, the capital of Greece. Beautiful city in the Mediterranean. It has been a cosmopolitan city for millennials, making it one of the oldest city in the world. Considered the birth place of western civilisation. The city of Athens is home to two UNESCO world heritage sites, the Daphne Monastery and the renown Acropolis.

Amazing Private Tours Of Athens

A city like Athens can be very overwhelming when visiting, with so many tourist sightseers, to know the history behind some of its well-known attractions. It is no surprise that many travelers are choosing to go for private tours of Athens. Imagine the convenience of being bus around to some of the most precious attractions the city has to offer.

With a private tour you have an expert guide with you, explaining and expanding on the big and small known facts of this great city. A private tour can be customised to meet your needs. Think about how this will help you immerse yourself among the city and its people. You’ll learn first-hand knowledge from a local that can explain to you in as much detail as you want.

Private tour will give you the flexibility to see the essence of Athens.

You will be picked up at your hotel and taken to the Acropolis, to see, feel, experience the Parthenon, a trip. to Athens wouldn’t be complete without it. Visit the Temple of Athena Nike, the Temple of Zeus. Spend time at the Panathinaic Stadium (where the Olympic Games were held in 1896), the Parliament, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the changing of the guards. See what the New Acropolis Museum has to offer. Or if you think that’s not enough you can add other sights as well, or remove them as you please.

A private sightseeing tour like this is a unique experience breaking away from the monotony of large bus tour.

You can stop for any length of time at any one of your attractions to appreciate what Athens have to offer at your pace and leisure. Take more pictures of your favourite places, go at different times than the masses, stop the transportation when you want. Anytime, anywhere.

You will have with you someone looking out for your satisfaction and your comfort all day. A person that can speak the language and help you navigate in this great city.

Spending more than one day in the city? This can also be arrange. You can go farther away to see Olympia, where the original Olympic Games were celebrated. Or visit Argolis and see the ancient city of Corinth to see the Temple of Apollo. The coastal city of Nafplion, original capital city of modern Athens.

When thinking about visiting Athens, consider a private tour, it might just be the perfect way to travel for you and your loved ones. Make it unique.

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