Private Tours of London

For many years now, London has been a popular city for most people who come to Europe for a visit. This is mainly because the city is endowed with a lot of places to visit and a wide range of things to do. Private Tours of London city, this is hardly any interest and passion that will not be entertained with a variety of unique monuments, landmarks and museums.

Unique “Private Tours of London”

  • ArcelorMittal Orbit

In London, there are plenty of private tours of attractions to take. One of the most amazing destinations to visit is ArcelorMittal Orbit.



This amazing structure is built with 2 observation platforms from which tourists can oversee the Olympic Park. One of the best ways to enjoy a long warm evening in the summer is to get on the Orbit to catch the sunset with a drink from a bar.

  • London Zoo

The famous London Zoo is a place where you must never fail to visit during your private sightseeing tours of London. If you are looking for a day out with the kids in the most popular attractions, this is the place! This zoo is said to be packed with over 12,000 wild animals including meerkats, tigers, lions, elephants and gorillas to mention but a few.



As the oldest historic zoo in the world, the London Zoo is dedicated to preserving all sorts of species and wildlife. This is a place where the kids will certainly love to see over and over again.

  • London Bridge Experience

As part of your private sightseeing tours of the City of London, make out time to explore the underground tombs of the famous London Bridge and experience an interactive and unique journey through the deep dark history of London. You could travel through time deep down in this place where lots of histories that are as old as 2000 years are preserved till today. Right here, you can follow the gruesome and gory tales of Jack the Ripper and be engulfed in the powerful Great London Fire.

  • Chislehurst Caves

Most visitors find London to be not just an ordinary city but a city of fascinating surprises. The Chislehurst Caves is built with over 20 miles of dark and shadowy passages that were hewn from the chalk by end for over 8000 years. This destination has not only been used as a tourist attraction, it was used during the First World War as an ammunitions depot.

  • Royal Botanical Kew Gardens

Your unique private tours in London cannot just end like that without taking a trip out to the Royal Botanical Kew Gardens when the sun is out. Located right in the tranquil region of West London, these gardens cover a vast land of 121 hectares.

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