Sightseeing Tours of Paris

Bonjour! Bienvenue à Paris! The first words you hear when touching down in the most visited country in the world. Internationally known as the “City of light”. Home of some of the most beautiful landmarks in the world. Paris has been a dream for many to visit with many interesting and unique locations from bridges to Museums,  The best unique Sightseeing Tours of Paris that are highly recommended, especially for first time private tour visitors, would consist of some of the most famous landmarks in the world.

Enjoy the “Sightseeing Tours of Paris”

Sightseeing Tours of Paris

The Louvre museum, A Palace to the King of France. This beautiful museum was updated in 1989 by Architect I.M. Pei who also designed a stunning glass pyramid at the entrance would surely bring about an estastic nature to your visit. The Louvre houses many famous paintings, sculptures as well as many other objects that possess great antiquity such as the Mona Lisa, Sainte Anne and many other works of art created from most brilliant minds of the french renaissance.

While enjoying the Private Tour of Paris and breathtaking sights that reside within the home of the most romantic language known to mankind. The Sightseeing Tours of Paris can be accessed in ways which many would agree that the boat tours of the River Seine, which houses an enclosed public swimming pool for welcome to Tourist and citizens alike.

A perfect way to travel throughout the city in admiration of the beautiful handcrafted architecture. A cruise, approximately one hour long, in a lavish boat called a bateaumouche; featuring the main monuments, and cathedrals and gives a history of the city.

Among those honorary mentioned just outside of the Paris is the city of Versailles lies the Chateau of King Louis XIV with its majestic gardens and awe-striking furnishings of the wealth he bestowed of that time.. The Marais district which is a park that is home to the residence of famous author Victor Hugo. The Place de la Concorde has landscapes of fountains and various shrubbery that even the most lush gardens would envy.

Private Tour of Paris

Last but least while in search of things to do with the family a highly recommended attraction is the Bois de Boulogne. Consisting of land as far as the eye can see the Bois possesses horseback riding, nature trails, lakes for boating enthusiast, a amusement park for the children consisting of plenty to do for the kids such as an several areas to enjoy a game of miniature golf , and various eateries, a life sizes doll’s house, and much more.

To grasp the exquisite grounds of this city would consist of a few yearly visits to see all of attractions. But definitely described as a sight for sore eyes that couldn’t simply be experiences through internet searches and pictures. A true love story for all the senses.

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