Sineson ( Mustafa Pa?a )

Mustafa Pa?a is a small town (pop. 3000) built in a valley 5 km. to the south of Ürgüp. This is another settlement where the distinc­tive construction of the houses attracts the local and foreign tourists. These houses indeed deserve special mention also for the rich deco­rations around the doors and windows.
This place used to be inhabited by Greeks until after the War of Independence. After their emigration, it was settled by Turks and its name (Sineson, Sinosos) was changed into Mustafa Pa?a.

A two storey monastery dating from that period now serves as a hotel; the frescoes have been preserved. The church of Aghia Va-silios is at a distance of 1 km. from the town and one enters it by going down a staircase built into the rock. The church itself has been carved entirely out of the rock and four columns support its ceiling. Though not of great historical interest, its frescoes deserve mention.

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