Soganli Cappadocia

So?anl? lies in a valley 25 km. to the east of Derinkuyu and 65 km. to the south west of Ürgüp. It is supposed to have been once called Sondos. But a popular story has it that this town was the last place taken during the Arab invasion.

After Battal Gazi had taken many parts of the region he told his followers that he had left this place for the end. So after its capture it was called Sonakaldi (left for the end); this name gradually changed during the centuries and became So?anl?.

In an interesting valley So?anl? has approimately 150 churches of which many are filled with earth. Others have been turned into pidgeon lofts.

Among those that can be visited Y?lanl? Kilise (Church with Snakes), Sakl? Kilise (Hidden Church), Meryem Ana Kilisesi (Church of the Virgin Mary), Karanl?k Kilise (Dark Church), Tokal? Kilise (the Church with the Buckle) and Kubbeli Kilise (Domed Church) are the most noteworthy. Definitely worth a visit is Kubbeli Kilise with its three levels. This place is as interesting as Göreme itself.

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