The Church with Sandals ( Çar?kl? Kilise )

Although its frescoes are damaged in parts, the picture showing Christs is in good condition and because of the shoe prints visible at the bottom of the picture, it has been called Çar?kl? Kilise (the Church with the Shoes). Çar?k is a kind of mocassin. Other frescoes include scenes from Christ's Birth, Crucifixion and one showing Abraham's hospitality.

Çar?kl? Kilise:

The Çar?kl? Kilise or the Church with Sandals Is so named because of the imprint of two footprints carved under the Ascension. These were copied from the footprints of Christ that were venerated in Jerusalem. Part of this church was destroyed when a huge boulder fell. It has two columns and a groin vault. The frescoes found here are similar to those in the Elmal? and Karanl?k Churches, and it is thought that the three were constructed around the same time.


This church has the name of Çar?kl? Kilise (The Church with Sandals) because of the footprints scoo¬ped out of the ground in the Southern transep, under are a copy of those of Jesus which were venerated in the Sanctuary of the Ascension in Jerusalem.
The series of scenes here is not so complete as those found in the other two Churches with Columns. The three main paintings are : the Ascension, the Nati¬vity and the Crucifixion, The Hospitality of Abraham, represented on the Eastern tympanum, is the best preserved painting of any church in this group.

While the paintings are full of life, the dispropor¬tion between the people and other part of the pictures is striking. Few decorative motifs can be seen in this church.
Çar?kl? Kilise is built in the same rock pillar as Karanl?k Kilise but on the other face.
Its entrance is on the side and opens at the end of the Northern transept. The plan, which is fairly irregular may be compared to that of Karanl?k Kilise except for the two West angles which have not been hollowed out. It is in the shape of a cross distinctly the picture of the Holly Ascension. These footprints utlined by a central cupola and by the Northern, uthern and Western semi-circular vaults, while a all cupola stands over the Eastern arm. Above the angles of the Eastern side are spheroidal vaults. There are only two columns in the church. The three altars stand against the walls. There is a seat in each apse but not in the church itself. A bench runs along part, of the nave. In the floor, two graves were dug.

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