The East Gymnasium

Standing to the west of the Magnesia Gate, this is the first of the remains seen when entering Ephesus from this direction. On the whole it is made of square cut calcareous stone blocks and bricks.

The building with the facade on the main street had a columned propylon (entrance structure) projecting a few metres forward. Shops ranged towards the street on two sides of it served this part of the city. As during excavations a number of statues of women were found in the East Gymnasium,a multi roomed complex building, it is also called the Giris1 Gymnasium colloquially.

The Emperor's Hall of the Gymnasium lies at the west end. Its bath has the characteristics of Roman baths. It has many rooms and areas which were classes,dormitories and sports areas for youths who were educated and trained there.

In the 6th century a church was built at the corner of the building near the Magnesia Gate so, that corner was already destroyed by then. The floor of the church which had fallen to the basement level is covered with mosaics. Excavation is going on. Restoration is not yet begun in the church or in the Gymnasium.


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