The Hercules Gate

On the street running downwards from the Memmius Monument stands a monumental gate thought to be built in the 5th century. Only two lintels of the gate have been remounted. The gate was named after two reliefs on these lintels which showed Hercules draped in a lion skin. The gate was constructed with two tiers of columns. The block found in the Domitian Square with Hike in a flying posture holding a wreath in her hand was on the second storey of the gate.

The reliefs of Hercules on the lintels are dated back to the 2nd century because of the style. Therefore, with great probability they belong to a structure which was destroyed in the 4th century earthquakes. They must have been brought here later when this gate was built. As this section of the road was narrowed because of the building of the gate and as stairs were built on each side of it, it is understood that the Curetes Street was closed to wheeled traffic in the 5th century.

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