The Statue of Barbaros

This monument to the great Turkish sailor was erected in 1943. By his crushing victory on 27th September 1538 over the famous Doge of Venice Andrea Doria at Preveza, one the decisive naval victories of history, he converted the Mediterranean into a Turkish lake, and the power and dominion of the empire founded by Süleyman the Lawgiver in Europe, Asia and Africa was recognised too on the high seas.

The anniversary is celebrated every year in the form of Navy Day. The statue is turned towards the Admiral's tomb, with two Turkish sailors standing by his side. At the back there is an inscription in verse. Both statue tomb stand in a small park by the Be?ikta? landing-stage. Facing this little park is the Mosque of Sinan Pa?a, built by Sinan the architect in 1572 to the order of his namesake Sinan Pa?a, a grand vezir of Süleyman.

From Be?ikta? the tram lines continue to Ortaköy. After passing under a bridge connecting the gardens of the two palaces, we see on the left at the corner the little Mosque of Mecidiye. At the top of the short road leading past it we see the lofty gate of Y?ld?z Palace Park.

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