The Vedius Gymnasium

According to an inscription discovered in excavations this gymnasium was built by P. Vedius Antonius from the Vedius who were a well known family of Ephesus and his wife Flavia Papiana. The edifice was dedicated to hhe goddess Artemis and to the iiperor Antonius Pius (138-161 AD) by its builders.

From the many gymnasiums uncovered in Ephesus the most beautiful is without any doubt the Vedius Gymnasium. It has much space and many rooms. In a niche behind the propylaeum which had columns stood a statue of the emperor. To the west of the propylaeum was the group of buildings and to the east the palaestra surrounded by a portico.

The very well preserved latrina lies near the columned gate and ceremonial hall. The other rooms opening onto the street to the south were used as classrooms and dormi y of the palaestra. The first hall after stories. The baths were at the west the propylaeum with its surface of end. The excavation of the gymna 200 square metres was the imperial sium is not completed.

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