There aren’t enough words to express the calm and exotic natural surroundings of Dalyan…

Dalyan! As the name expresses, Dalyan (fishing trap by a lake in Turkish) is a strip of land in the district of Ortaca of Mugla where eye-catching seas and lakes gather together nature's wonders. The dalyan fishers, from whom the name of the city derives, continue the work they've done for centuries on the main canal, connecting the Koycegiz Lake and the Mediterranean, while the tombs of ancient kings sprinkled amongst the surrounding environment carry a historical exoticism of the ancient age of man. Above all else, it's a shelter for tortoises that are the last of their lineage, blue crabs, and a wide array of water birds. You'll feel stunned as you travel Dalyan by boat on the labyrinthine canals, wondering at the visual riches.


Dalyan’s Guests

The most special guests of the region who have taken on Dalyan as their dwelling are the sadly endangered tortoises. These are the Caretta Caretta and the Nile Tortoise. Furthermore, Dalyan is a paradise for birds, in every sense of the word. 180 types of bird live here either yearly or seasonally. In the summer, Dalyan shelters a stork colony. Besides the kingfisher, European shag, Little Bittern, and purple herons, small eagles, vultures, terns, swallows, reed warblers, and many other species winter and breed here.

Must see places in Dalyan

Right in the middle between Dalyan and the Mediterranean Sea is the lighthouse on the vast and clear Delikli Island, a true place to see. Another is the sandy shore of Iztuzu. The well-known golden tiny Iztuzu sands, which start at the mountains and wrap their way around to the Mediterranean, connect Koycegiz Lake to the sea, beginning at the mouth of the canal and continuing for 5,4000 meters. A lot of care is paid to protecting this area, where the Caretta Caretta and Nile tortoises shelter and lay their eggs.

Another place that has to be experienced is the Mud Springs. Only four of the forty springs there once were in taking a boat tour in Dalyan means experiencing never-ending moments. The first stop on your tour of these labyrinthine canals is the "Mud Baths".

Mud Baths in Dalyan

Following that, you'll come to Köyce?iz Lake. With a breath-taking natural view alongside the reedy lake, you can take a swim as well if you like. If by chance you prefer a sea tour, you'll start at the Delikli Island, and take to the open seas. You'll learn about the untouched bays of Delikli Burun, Bakardi, and A?k, and get the chance to swim in the clear waters, or experience unforgettable hours of enjoyment in organized at night under the moonlight.

And of course, there's thel 2 islands tours. Just half an houraway from Dalyan, you can take an island tour to get a taste of the blues and greens of nature. And you're in luck if your passion is for line fishing, biking, hiking, photography, or painting. Those with a passion for the mountains and forests can take a jeep safari as well.

There are insatiable boat tours and natural bays right next to each other in the labyrinthine canals of Dalyan. Sheltering the blue crab, the delta of Dalyan is a favorite for bird-watchers.

You can see many kinds of birds here, from the endangered cormorant to the red-crested pochard, the wild goose, and other water and sea birds.

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