Til Koy

Tit köy is a small village 9 km. to the east of Derinkuyu. On the main road to So?anl? and is situated on the slope of a hill. What makes this place remarkable is the presence of a so-far little explored, unrestored underground city.

Between 1969-71, the author, together with Dr. Martin Urban, the noted german writer of books on tourism, visited this underground city twice. Because of the rubble and earth with which it is filled, it is impossible to tell how large it Is or of how many levels It consists, yet we were able to explore the two upper levels which can be reached.

As at Derinkuyu and other underground cities, this one also has stone doors separating the different levels, living quarters, stables, storage rooms, kitchens and ventilation chimneys. The bottom of these wells are filled with water which is drawn by the people of the village by means of pulleys. Also here, some parts of the top storey serve as storage-rooms or stables even today.

On the west side of the village there is a large mound containing hundreds of graves of uncertain date. The remains of a not so well preserved caravanserai dating from the Seljukid period are seen to the south that period the shortest caravan route from Istanbul to Iran passed through this region and the inns of Sultan Han?, Ye?ilhisar, incesu, Til Köy, Do?ala, A?z? Karahan, Alayhan between Sivas and Kayseri, and Sultan Han? between Aksaray and Konya were parts of a chain of caravanserais established on this route for the convenience of travellers.

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