Tofre Begadim Askenaz Synagogue, Istanbul

Tofre Begadim Synagogue was built on land, between Galata Felek and Banker Streets bought by donations collected in 1893. The permission for the synagogue was taken by the Association of Ashkenazi Tailors through Mayer ?önman, the tailor of Sultan Abdülhamit.

The construction started in 1893 on this land, bought in the names of Moris Ashkenazi and Mayer ?önman. At the end of a court case, which began in the 1980s against Vak?flar Genel Müdürlü?ü, the synagogue was registered as ‘Ashkenazy Synagogue’.

The synagogue, restored in 1985, is still being used as the administrative building of the Ashkenazi community. The beautiful door, reaching from Felek Street by three steps, symbolizing three angels, is the entrance to the synagogue. The rectangular plan synagogue has three inside stories.

Permission is required in advance from the congregation in order to visit this beautiful synagogue.

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