Uçhisar is a small town (pop. 3500) near the Nev?ehir-Ürgüp highway (1 km) and is almost halfway between these two towns.

Originally the houses were built around the citadel, but, owing to the effect of erosion and an increase in its population, they came to be built lower down the hill. Nowadays the citadel of Uçhisar is surrounded by houses. It has a cave cut out of the rock approached by three different corridors which all reach a large central hall. One of the corridors has a stone door with a guard-rood behind it. Besides these there are other rooms and corridors some of which are filled with earth and rubble and the roof has fallen in.

The chief attraction of Uçhisar is the citadel from where one has a superb view of the whole Göreme valley, and is therefore warmly recommanded to enthusiasts of photography. In 1969 a hotel was built at Uçhisar into the rock; in its rooms one has wine on tap! This establishment has contributed greatly to the tourism of the region. Besides vineyards, carpet weaving and other handicrafts are the main occupations of the inhabitants.

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