Unique Private Tours of Florence

Florence, Italy is by far one of the most beautiful cities in the world. As the capital of the Italian region called Tuscany, it is has the highest population in the area with over 380,000 residents. It’s famous for its rich history and considered to be the “Renaissance’s birthplace.”

With a history like this, it’s no wonder tourism is flourishing. If you plan on visiting the historic city, there is plenty to keep you busy. One of the easiest ways to see the city though is by going on private tours of Florence.

Here are some great options to consider: Unique Private Tours of Florence

  • Original Florence Walk and David Tour.

Art lovers are going to love this! They can see Florence from a historical perspective that includes a special viewing of Michelangelo’s David. This tour focuses on the region north of the river and to the west of Santa Croce church. What sets this tour apart from other private sightseeing tours of Florence, is its focus on art. These include the Duomo Cathedral, Ponte Vecchio, Accademia Gallery, Vasari Corridor and Giotto’s Bell Tower. The tour is instructional so you’ll walk away with a new understanding of how this great culture was built.

  • Original Florence Walk

This is another worth-while private tour of Florence. This tour focuses on the history of the city, taking visitors through 2,000 years of development. You will see masterpieces of art, but also hear about how they came to be. Yes- history on this tour is abundant, but it also includes a focus on the valuable artwork resident contributed. This is a 3-hour stroll through historic streets as led by an informed tour guide. You’ll find out about Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, along with the Gates of Paradise and the Piazza della Signoria. It’s a beautiful tour that any visitor should partake in.

  • Dan Brown “Inferno” Tour.

This is a unique tour for book lovers everywhere. If you have read “Dante’s Inferno”, then this is the private sightseeing tour of Florence for you! You can trace the steps of author Langdon to find out what inspired his epic poem. You can find some of the book’s settings in the streets of Florence and see how Langdon created his setting. In addition, you will see paintings, buildings that are parts of the Inferno puzzle and, of course, the Palazzo Vecchio where part of the poem takes place.

When you visit, remember that unique private tours of Florence are there to make your stay that much richer. You can delve into the culture, history and artistic prowess of the city. You will find a new appreciation for the information, but what will stay with you is the amazing beauty of Florence that has flourished and developed over centuries.

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