What do these blue stones (evel eye-nazar boncugu) with an eye mean?

The psychological effects of the colour blue are probably universal. Almost everyone enjoys looking into a blue sky and across a lake or the sea. There is something calming about an expanse of blue. It appears to free the mind. Arabs believe that the blue precious stone turquoise (Firuze) decreases blood preassure.
That is why nazar bocugu (nazar stone) is blue. In some European countries the balustrades of bridges are painted blue: so that suicide rates decrease. Nearly half of the companies in the world, like Hilton, Ford, Mazda, Philips, Nokia, Pepsi and Citibank use blue in their logos, because it reminds people of infinity, authority & efficiency.

Mr.Bill Clinton was advised to wear a blue tie during his Monica Lewinsky trial to gain the confidence of the jury.

Blue is the most noticeble colour from a distance too. Red is attractive but not from a distance, that's why police cars have both colours on their flashing lights to be recognised both from a long & short distance.According to mediterranean belief some people have the strange power to affect the health, wealth and luck of other people. Again this belief inspires the idea of carrying original blue glass beads.

evil eye tree in turkey

Goreme Open Air Museum ( Evil Eye Tree )

Cute children and beautiful or successful people are vulnerable to evil eyes either because of jealousy or over affection. For protection, a blue stone (Nazar Boncugu) should be worn by these people to be protected against the evil eye.

This eye is made of a blue bead as blue has a very effective impact, and acts as a charm to ward off evil influences from others. New houses, new cars, newborn babies or a new shop should have one nazar stone. Nazar is an Arabic word which means "looking". There are similar beliefs in some Middle East countries.

"Evel Eye"

evel eye

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