Why are there so many stray dogs and cats in Turkey?

The main reason for this is that dogs and cats are not usually neutered in Turkey. So a female dog can give birth to 6 puppies every six months and the average life span of dogs is 15-20 years.A female cat gives birth to 4 to 6 kittens a year. I just leave the rest to your imagination how fast they can breed. According to the laws of Islam it is not recommended to feed and keep a dog at home, they can be kept in the garden.

There is an endangered specie of cat called The Van Cat, which has while fur, and one of its eyes is yellow, the other blue. Van is the name of a city near the Iranian border with Turkey.

stray dogs and cats in Turkey

There is another endangered species of dog which originated in the KAN-GAL town of S?VAS, named The Kangal Dog. It is a shepherd dog with a big head and body. It can be trained easily, is very faithful and a nightmare for wolves attacking the herds as it is never afraid of death.

The German Shepherd is famous for its bravery but if someone aims a gun at a German Shepherd Dog, it runs away; but not The Kangal. It's said that Americans smuggled this dog and bred it in a farm in USA and they use them in NASA for security. The Kangal Dog can visually identify and recognise more than 100 people. Taking this dog out of Kangal Town is forbidden and vehicles are being examined by the Gendarmerie carefully.

British people spend over two billion pounds on their pets annually. 40% of the European cat and dog food market belongs to an American company named Mars, which produces Whiskas, Sheba and Kit-Kat. Today it's estimated that there are 6 million pet cats in the UK, 18 million in the USA and 4 million in Germany. Compared with Europeans few Turkish people have dogs or cats at home. We Turks mainly prefer to have a dog in the garden.

Van Cats

Van Cats

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